A Guide to Purchase the Ideal Family Tent

family tentNowadays, specialized tents have taken over the market and smart consumers make their decisions only after they have taken every vital aspect into account. In fact, not knowing what you wish to achieve from your family tent will affect your decision making process and you may not necessarily end up with the best family tent.

Do not worry anymore, as the guide below will help you find and purchase the best tent suited to the needs of your family.

Understand what you want

Before you start looking at the options available ensure you take into account the needs that you and your family have. Pay attention on aspects that your family as a whole deems important and desirable. There are many aspects that will demand your attention but to get started determine how often and for how long your family goes camping. If its once every year for a few days your needs will be completely opposite of those who go camping every now and then for weeks at a time. Next, consider the size of your family tent. Check the number of bedrooms and whether or not they will be adequate for your family. Do keep in mind the overall size as bulkier and heavy tents are not easy to bring along and setting up is also time consuming.

Defining features

Some features which may make your decision making process easier are:

  • Tall and steep walls, which provide spacious interiors.
  • Family tents are mostly heavy as they feature separate bedrooms and adequate space.
  • Family tents are considered best for car camping, meaning you won’t camp too far away from your car.


In your search to purchase the best family tent you will undoubtedly discover that these tents feature a more affordable fabric when compared to other specialized tents such as two season and three season ones. However, rest assured because family tents almost always double walled. Also, family tents offer more space but may not all models will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you wish to have a family adventure in a location where you know weather conditions will be extreme choose a high end variant as it will fulfill all your needs.

Ideal space

If your family consists of less than six people, choose the tent that is meant for six individuals. By doing this will ensure that you receive enough space for living comfortably and also for conducting fun activities indoors.

Additional specifications

You will have to decide between one door and two door family tents. Families that love camping should definitely purchase tents with at least two doors so that indoors and outdoors can be accessed through different directions, by different family members at the same time.

Ensure that the family tent you ultimately choose has large vestibules so that your tent can provide adequate protection during heavy rains and fierce winds. Additionally, ensure your tent has vents because without them you and family will feel suffocated. Common variants include giant mesh panels and whole mesh doors.

Popular brands

  • The North Face
  • Kelty
  • Eureka

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