Charles E. Phillips and Oracle Corp

Oracle Corporation is an American multi-national company which specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, specifically database management systems. The company has proved its mettle in the field of technology, especially in the field of middle-ware software.

Oracle Presentation

Charles Phillips Mr. Charles. E. Philips, presently the CEO of Infor, Inc, has previously spent over seven years with Oracle Corporation, where he served as President and as a member of the Board of Directors. He participated in the acquisition of more than 70 companies and assisted in tripling Oracle’s size. Phillips had proved to be a great success for Oracle and the company faced a great setback receiving his resignation. Moreover, he has not only been useful to the Database giant but also to Infor, Inc. by overtaking the Lawson Software. As soon as he joined Infor, he paid more heed to the products development at the company taking the company to greater heights. Phillips has proved to be a boon for both the companies and has utilized his skills in the best possible way inflicting a new vision in the software companies.

Oracle Corporation has never let its customers down and overtook the world of technology on the foundation of its innovations. The company has always kept in mind the requirements of the customers and has achieved success by employing the best analysts across the world. Over the time, Oracle has engraved its name in the development of business intelligence software and is a part of the “Big Four” of Business Intelligence firms.

The supply and manufacture of thousands of products is not the only area of expertise of Oracle, but its participation in numerous open source projects are further exhibitions of its technological prowess. The contributions made by the company in Open source development are thus investments in technology. Another proof of Oracle’s technical leadership is its long history of strong support and commitment to Linux. Oracle’s long-term vision is focused on continuing to enhance and extend the capabilities of Linux. Moreover, the company has been honored with TM Forum Industry leadership excellence award for industry transformation through innovations. This is not the end of the contributions of the company, but is in fact, a beginning of its striding journey towards technological development.

As the world and the market for technology have changed, Oracle has faced numerous competitions in all sectors. But every time the company has strived harder and proved itself by overcoming all difficulties and launching something more innovative in the market. Business is an endeavor where goods and services are bartered for money. The basic requirement of a business is an investment in sufficient customers happy enough to buy its product, thus allowing the business to make a profit. Oracle has gathered a huge number of customers, mesmerized by the company’s products, and has thus capitalized the market. The innovative products are not the only reason of the company’s success but the services rendered to the customers are also an important factor of the company’s achievements. The contribution of Charles E. Phillips, business genius, to Oracle is thus evident and will be for many more years to come.

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