Teaching your child to ride with a balance bike

balance bikeYoung children almost always start their bicycle training on a balance bike or a run bike. It is the stepping stone towards learning balancing and steering. The balance bike does not have any pedals or drivetrain. They are made out of either wood or metal. It may or may not have brakes. If it does have a brake, it’s the two hand-activated rim brakes.

In order to function properly, the run bike should be small enough to allow the rider to comfortably be seated on the saddle while both his/her feet are flat are on the ground. Your kid first needs to walk the bike while standing, which is then followed by him/her sitting on the saddle. Once your child gets comfortable enough with the bicycle’s balance, they can run or scoot while riding it, keeping both their feet off the ground. At this stage your child is comfortably cruising while balancing the bicycle’s two wheels.

Choosing the right balance bike for your kid can go a long way in developing their balance on the two wheels. Given below are a few of the best balance bike reviews:

  • KAZAM Classic Balance Bike – The Kazam Classic Balance Bike is designed without pedals, with the view that your children can develop the skill of balancing on two wheels. This goes a long way in nurturing the skill of balancing as they transition into using the traditional bicycles. Once your child is comfortable in balancing the bike, pedalling becomes a cake walk.

It weighs just about 11 pounds, having a powder coated steel frame. It features adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. It requires minimal assembly and comes with a two year warranty.

  • Strider ST-3 – Weighing a mere 6.7 pounds and having a durable frame design made it a perfect fit for children ageing between 18 months to 4 years. The unique feature of this balance bike is that it can grow along with your child’s evolving physical requirements, improving your child’s all-round riding experience. It can successfully develop a child’s balancing and co-ordination skills.
  • Strider ST-2 PREbike Balance Running Bike – A fore runner to the Strider ST-3, the ST-2 still stands out as a very good bike having high quality features. It has a lightweight and durable steel frame. Puncture proof all-terrain tires are an added advantage. Launch Pad footrests allow for gliding and learning advanced riding skills. It is best suited for children in the age bracket of 1 to 5.
  • Skuut Wooden Balance Bike – It’s one of the best balance bikes available in the market for steering, balance, coordination and independence. It’s made out of 85% wood, 10% rubber, 4% metal and 1% vinyl. The Skuut bike is feather light. An added advantage of this bike is its easy adjustability. The bar-ends are brilliantly designed which prevents any harm to your children’s tender bodies. All in all, it’s a fun first bike for your kid.

Hopefully, the above given reviews can effectively guide you choose the best balance bike for your kid.

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